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Just About Dogs

Not All Dogs Are Alike

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, with attitudes and dispositions that are just as varied. It's not always easy to figure out what's best for them.

The staff at Pet People of Los Gatos is a dedicated group of dog owners who spend time researching dog nutrition and behavior. From head to tail, we're constantly discovering new and useful information about dogs and their habits.

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Just About Cats

Anyone who shares a home with a cat will tell you that they are a happy bundle of preferences. But it's not always easy to figure out what your cat is telling you.

The staff at Pet People of Los Gatos are a knowledgeable group who spend time researching cat nutrition and behavior. From food to cat litter, we're constantly searching for new and useful information about cats and their habits.

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How we choose what Pet Foods we carry.

At the Pet People of Los Gatos, we care about what you feed your pet. To make sure they get the best diet possible, we only carry dog foods with quality ingredients.

We research the foods we buy to weed out products with corn,by-products, coloring agents and many other fillers. We carry a large selection of organic foods, and a variety of foods for different breeds, lifestyles, and even to help counteract allergies.

No dog food is perfect for all dogs, so we make sure that the nutrition is sound behind each one and we'll help you to find the healthiest alternative for your dog -- one he enjoys eating. We work with suppliers who are honest and forthright in their dealings, who have good communication and can answer our questions about the quality of their food. We want you to know that by the time it's given to your puppy, it's been thoroughly checked out!

Finally, just for fun, we have a large variety of tasty dog treats your pup will go wild for! You, however, can rest easy knowing that our treats are healthy and, as often as possible, come from local treat makers. Take a stroll into The Pet People and ask us about dog cookies made right here in town! Hurry, though, before we sell out!

List of Pet Food We Carry

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Pet People of Los Gatos

We are dedicated to providing premium natural products to keep your animal companions healthy and happy. We offer an abundant selection of nutritious pet foods and treats that are preservative-free with no by-products. We also carry raw frozen formulas, green tripe and an extensive array of hypoallergenic, grain-free options to meet as many health and dietary needs as possible.

Our store has a large selection of leads, collars, dog and cat toys, carriers, crates, exercise pens, cat climbing posts -- just about everything you could possibly need for your cat and dog!

Quality service and a knowledgeable staff are hallmarks of Pet People of Los Gatos' commitment to our customers and community. Because of our concern for the environment, animals, and people, you can be assured that when you shop with us, your purchases support our effort to help create a better world.

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